We are ever-evolving Solution Providers that integrate systems designed specifically for tracking, tracing, anti-counterfeiting and product identification.

We provide companies with technologies, knowledge and new ideas to ensure secure, flexible, smooth and continuous product flows.

We work for you and with you to optimize operations and relationships, as well as to help you manage and monitor all the individuals involved in your business operations.

We offer portfolio-based software solutions that, aside from making the collection and management of data more reliable, safe and simple, can also be integrated into existing IT infrastructure.

Our focus: Product Life Cycle

Brand Protection

We have been operating in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection for over 40 years.


Safe and fully monitored data streams.


We provide advanced technology solutions for product traceability, using different applications ranging from RFID tags to QR codes, barcodes and data matrix.

Guaranteed results

Smart solutions for the management, detection and control of all product-related data, from the initial raw materials to the final points of sale.


Our solutions are designed to improve and simplify the real-time exchange of information and data among all users involved.

Customer Engagement

Reliable and well-managed traceability and monitoring data are an important added value and an essential tool to build excellent marketing strategies and customer relations.


Solutions for your company

Identification and traceability

Software solutions


Our partners

The future is already here, therefore, one day we shall only design and build the unthinkable.