Our consulting service aims to develop data management, tracking and identification solutions that help companies review and rethink their models, systems and strategies.

Optimized management of information flows is crucial to the success of any business.

We help you identify the strategies that make all individual processes more efficient, which, in turn, improve the overall performance of the entire business.

We provide simple and low-impact solutions to track the history of each product, from production to logistics and retail.

Our extensive range of cutting-edge technology provides feedback on supply and distribution flows, as well as on parallel and gray markets, together with automatic statistics.

Always with you

SOLOS is ready to help your company: a solution provider and a consultant that keeps an eye on the entire product cycle, including its complex and crucial data management processes.

Collection of information

We thoroughly analyze your needs, assessing the risks concerning the brand, the consumers and counterfeiting.

Project implementation

This is the stage where we identify the right technologies to start the implementation of the project while involving all other company departments (production, logistics, marketing, legal, commercial).

Development strategy

Once the goal has been identified, we develop for you both the strategy and the solution.

Performance monitoring

Finally, the monitoring and evaluation of the results, a key part of any successful project.

The future is already here, therefore, one day we shall only design and build the unthinkable.