Our IT team develops solutions for the monitoring and implementation of the entire product life cycle, from the supply chain to the end customer.

Having a flow of product information that is safe, reliable and real-time at every stage of the chain is essential to optimize costs, meeting business objectives and limiting losses.

Our Business Unit designs solutions to satisfy specific traceability requirements and achieve smart product management.

Our software solutions can be integrated with all tracking technologies: RFID, barcodes, QR Codes and Data Matrix.

Software solutions provided by SOLOS



Interface middleware for the management of data retrieved through the various technologies placed on the product and for making data available to third-party systems, such as ERP and departmental servers.



WMS for the management of finished products, components and semi-finished products in stock. Management of all inbound and outbound phases, internal allocation and inventories, with the possibility to manage allocation and optimization of the delivery phases.

Centralized logistics

Module for the centralized management of shipments (also multi-brand and multi-location). Integrated with all leading courier services, it allows to quickly and safely exchange shipping information with the couriers, from the actual assignment to the printing of the label.



Software for fast and dynamic Visual & Digital Order Entry through an image-based interface (with interactive tables or portable devices, such as tablets) for showrooms.



Sales support app designed for Retail Assistants: constantly updated multimedia catalogs, stocks, price lists, cross selling and management of the relationship with the end consumer.

R-Link 4 Retail

Module for the management of the stores’ back offices. Management of all inbounds, as well as quick, efficient and real-time management of inventory, especially if combined with RFID technology.


Brand Exposé

App dedicated to the management of B2C, B2B and C2B. It allows the final consumer to interact with the product, through the use of a smartphone (also in combination with NFC technology). Brand Exposé is the ideal tool to interact with the clients and effectively map the customer journey.

All software and apps are brand customizable and can be integrated according to the individual company strategies.

The future is already here, therefore, one day we shall only design and build the unthinkable.